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OEM Services


Quality Engineered Technologies & Support

As an OEM (original equipment manufacturer), NEC offers world-class technology products engineered to each customer's unique needs. With its extensive resources and expertise, NEC can supply simple turnkey solutions based on standard NEC products or high-end customized solutions that satisfy stringent requirements. Our account management team ensures that each client is satisfied with the quality and performance of NEC's technologies.

Server OEM

NEC's Express5800 Server Family delivers innovative features that address today's complex IT infrastructure computing needs. Powered by energy efficient and reliable IntelR XeonR processors, NEC servers deliver the proven performance and advanced functionality that lower procurement and operations costs.


Storage OEM

Since the introduction of its first storage system nearly 60 years ago, NEC has expanded its offerings to include the full spectrum of storage products, from entry-level SAN to datacenter-class enterprise systems. NEC's software and hardware customization abilities enable customers to satisfy very specific requirements.


Software OEM

NEC has developed a number of software products that simplify the management of IT platforms, improve efficiencies and protect data. Designed to support cloud computing, SaaS and virtualized environments, NEC's built-in diagnostics and integrated software suites help to overcome a multitude of challenges created by increasingly complicated IT systems. Customers enjoy the fast recovery and continuous protection of critical applications and data delivered with NEC's integrated high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) software.