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NEC 5G Vertical Business Platform

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NEC 5G Vertical Business Platform
with enhancement of Open vRAN feature

NEC 5G Vertical Business Platform is the realization of an E2E full-stack Cloud Platform, where Intelligent Connectivity of 5G networks gives innovative businesses and services improved performance, greater security and better reliability.

This platform helps Service Providers worldwide to transport legacy fixed/wireless networks and service platforms into a 5G ready Vertical Cloud Platform that capitalizes on unprecedented business opportunities with innovative 5G services and features:

  • Single platform for various 5G vertical business solutions spanning all necessary stacks, i.e. network infrastructure, cloud and digital services;
  • Open and best-of-breed full-stack platform utilizing cutting-edge 5G technologies and the advantages of Service Providers unique network footprints;
  • ORAN-compliant Open vRAN assists Service Providers in accommodating a wide range of diverse traffic requirements, enabling new revenue creation through the easy and flexible provisioning of upcoming 5G services;
  • An automated and fully orchestrated platform that easily operates various and fine- tuned 5G vertical services;
  • Through NEC’s extensive experience, Service Providers gain a smooth transition towards a 5G business platform;
  • A wide range of 5G Digital Services with 5G Monetization Solution
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You can see more details in the following white papers.

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