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Accelerating DX with 5G

NEC will be driving the acceleration of DX(Digital Transformation) for telecommunications carriers, companies, and organizations in the 5G era as part of contributing to the achievement of a fulfilled society.

In the future, 5G will enable IoT devices to connect to mobile networks simultaneously, allowing more information to be exchanged in real time. In addition, the use of AI will play an important role in creating new value through the analysis of the vast volumes of information being collected.

In support of new 5G business concept, "5G. A Future Beyond Imagination." , NEC will collaboratively create new business models and services by utilizing 5G with NEC's proprietary AI, IoT and other digital technologies.

Interview Video with Customers and Partners

Our valued customers and partners talk about their 5G vision, and highlights how NEC has contributed to customers’ project and what they do expect from NEC for accelerating the Digital Transformation.

Interview with Customers,
NEC’s contribution in 5G era [1:21]

Interview with Partners,
NEC’s contribution in 5G era [1:20]

Please refer to NEC’s YouTube channel for individual videos of interview.
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