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National ID Program Propelling Digital Revolution in India [2:46]

Movie script

India is a nation of more than 1.3 billion people with differing language, culture and lifestyle.
In order to enable better access to government resources and services, it was essential to accurately identify each individual.

In India, a vast biometric identification was introduced, and also the India National ID program was launched.

We visited a husband and wife who work at a farm on the outskirt of the city, and we interviewed them about some of the difficulties they've faced in the past.

Country man interview:
"There are various welfare services to support us, but the system was very confusing."

His wife interview:
"Getting our rations was difficult. We used to stand in line. Sometimes we couldn't even get them properly."

We visited a young business owner, and we asked him about the inconveniences he faced when he started his company.

Business man interview:
"Opening a bank account, taking out a loan, getting a cell phone… everything involved in starting a new business was such a hassle."

This ambitious National ID project was designed to provide a unique ID number to all residents.
NEC, with its highly accurate multi-modal biometric technology, was chosen as a solution provider to realize this project.

Registrants go to National ID centers for face, iris and finger print scanning.
Now more than 1 billion people have already registered.
Social security and other public services can now be received with ease.

This couple live a happier, healthier and more secure life.

Country man interview:
"Once I had my national ID, it enabled me to quickly open a bank account. Welfare subsidies that I didn't know about can now be deposited directly into my account, and I have post-paid mobile connectivity."

His wife interview:
"Now everything is good. We can get our rations without any hassle. We don't have to stand in line. Now I'm only concerned about my son's future."

Business related procedures go more quickly now, his new business is doing great.

Business man interview:
"When I started my business, I opened a bank account, and thanks to my National ID, the process was quick and simple, so I could get started fast. It's easier to take out a loan, analyze and keep track of business transactions, and monitor my taxes too. India will continue to move forward, getting better all the time."

Ever since its implementation in 2010, the program has been successful in registering and enabling people to have better access to government assistance.

NEC contributes to enabling a smarter society, where people can lead lives of enrichment.

Orchestrating a brighter world


The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) launched the Aadhaar Program, a national identification system that aims to provide all residents of India with a unique identity and a digital platform to authenticate anytime, anywhere. NEC Biometric Identification engine is used to enalbe its gigantic multi-modal identification system for 1.3 billion citizens.

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(December 21, 2018)