Conversion of three million fingerprint cards into a format compatible with AFIS.
Installation and integration of the equipment, including setting up of matching and processing servers, and overall system tuning.
Training of users.

With over 40 years of experience in R&D and deployment worldwide, the unique AFIS technology of NEC provides unparalleled accuracy and speed of identification.

NEC's AFIS is scalable and flexible. It complies with the ANSI NIST standards, and is able to communicate with other systems that comply with these standards.

Martín Arouxet (Biometrics Product Development Manager NEC Argentina):
This quality is now brought to the Institute of Identification of the Civil Police of the Federal District.

Nadiel Dias da Costa (Joint Director of the Institute of Identification Civil Police of the Federal District):
In the area of civil identification, we beat the service records of all times. In the criminal area, in an operation aimed at working with homicides, rapes, robberies, we scanned our databases in 8 days resulting in 111 positive identifications. After that we worked with an operation focused on theft and robbery, in 22 days of work, we solved 440 cases.

Massato Takakuwa (Business Director Brazil - NEC Latin America):
This partnership that we had with the Civil Police has helped us to improve the system that was already considered very good.

Carlos César de Sousa Saraiva (Director of the Institute of Identification Civil Police of the Federal District):
It is not enough just having the best system. You have to be willing to build in this system into the actual operations as best as you possibly can. There is no other way to make this project a success beyond having a good partnership.

This strong partnership has created the best conditions to deliver a service that enhances security, justice, and the feeling of citizenship.

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