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IoT based waste management for smart city [2:17]

Movie script

I?igo De La Serna Hernáiz,
Mayor, City of Santander:

Nowadays there's a lot of information in the city which arrives through the infrastructures of the Internet of Things. We can use this information not only to find out how the city is functioning but also to create new services that will be useful to others.

Technology offers us many more possibilities than in the past so that services can be much more accessible and much more efficient, so a lot better for citizens.

the driver:

In the last ten year there's been a lot more technology introduced which makes the service a lot more efficient. The technology is based on knowing the position of all bins in Santander. Chips that are inside the bins say whether it is full, half full or empty. I can be guided to take the best route to collect the bins that are only full, minimalizing the environmental impact.

Jaime Serrano,
President and CEO, NEC Iberica:

The Cloud City Operation Centre is considered in the brain of the city, because it is the place really managing all the events that are happening in the city. NEC is really adding value through a Smart platform associated to the waste management in order to demonstrate to the citizens that this technology is really getting them better services, and at the end of the day, a better life.

I?igo De La Serna Hernáiz:
Citizens play a key role in all of this the Smart City concept is actually designed for them.

Chris De Silva,
VP, IT Solutions, NEC Europe:

What we're doing is helping people to live and work safely and securely and enjoy their surroundings. NEC has got a range of different solutions from biometrics through to situation awareness and cyber security and deployed the fastest and most accurate biometric solution. Crowd build ups, you're improving people's lives, giving them the feeling of security.
Safer Cities is not just the technology. It's about the real benefits that it brings to members of the public.

I?igo De La Serna Hernáiz:
The incorporation of technology we are carrying out in Santander, thanks to NEC, means that in the future, we'll be able to manage the city in a completely different way.

Orchestrating a brighter world


NEC provides an operational control software module as part of NEC's Cloud City Operations Center to enable the city of Santander in Spain to improve the services it delivers to local residents by automating management of its public infrastructure while reducing costs. NEC is developing a smart waste collection solution for the city of Santander in Spain in partnership with waste management service provider ASCAN.
This helps Smart Santander track how water, waste, lighting, power, roads and other resources are used in response to real-time environmental conditions. It also helps the city minimise wastage, increase the timeliness of communications with local residents and free up staff so they can focus on longer-term strategic planning.

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(March 9, 2015)