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NEC's Cloud-based Agriculture Platform [3:00]

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Case Study : NEC's Cloud-based Agriculture Platform
Creating the future of agriculture
The Autonomous farm management that Fukutomi Farm is aiming for

Hiroyuki Fukutomi,
President, FUKUTOMI FARM Ltd.:

Japan's agriculture industry is facing challenges such as the ageing of farmers, and the lack of successors.

I am running Fukutomi Farm, in Aya town, Miyazaki Prefecture.
I hope to change the image of agriculture from "uncool, tiring, profitless"
to "cool, fun, profitable".
In short, I'd like to achieve "Autonomous farm management".

It's important for future farmers not only to produce crops efficiently,
but also to brand crops effectively.

To build a brand of rice or vegetables
and make a profit selling it through own channel,
we faced major challenges such as quality control, stable supply and visualization of cost.

As a skilled farmer, we have confidence in producing tasty rice and vegetables.
However, we were unable to grasp the production cost of crops,
and we had no idea to create distribution channel.

So, we introduced NEC's data utilization service to solve these problems.
It can foresee not only production of crops, but also marketing thereafter.

Input of data on a daily basis enables us
to monitor and manage the work flow of each farm on a cloud-based platform.

As a result, we are able to calculate and understand production costs
such as the labor cost, seeding cost, and fuel cost of each crop.

Using the functionality to share information on product of origin,
we are also able to share work records with clients in real time.
This allows both sides to foresee crop yields and adjust shipments.

Takahiro Fukutomi,
Executive Vice President, FUKUTOMI FARM Ltd.:

Once you start to use it, it's very easy to input data.
By showing our achievements, we can communicate the fact
that we work hard and take great care in the production of our vegetables everyday.

Hiroyuki Fukutomi:
To achieve our goal of "Autonomous farm management", we feel it's essential to utilize data through ICT.

This service enable us to accumulate and utilize various types of agricultural date on a daily basis, and
production, processing, distribution and sales are all connected as a supply chain.
We believe that this will accelerate the movement to combine these industries
with the aim of increasing efficiency and profitability, thereby revitalizing agriculture as a whole.

If an initiative toward our goal of "cool, fun, and profitable agriculture" spreads nationwide,
we hope it can bring about a resurgence of agriculture in Japan.

Moving forward, in cooperation with NEC
we would like to empower Japan's agricultural industry by utilizing the power of ICT.

Realizing "Autonomous farm management"

Orchestrating a brighter world


NEC's Cloud-based Agriculture Platform achieves "cool, fun, and profitable agriculture" and realizes Autonomous farm management.

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(December 12, 2017)