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"Omotenashi" (hospitality) supported by NEC's Tourism ICT service platform [2:49]

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"Omotenashi" (hospitality) supported by NEC's Tourism ICT service platform
- Initiatives in Echizen-Kaga region-

Eiichi Nakajima,
Manager, Echizen-Kaga Organization for Promoting Inbound Tourism:

Echizen-Kaga Organization for Promoting Inbound Tourism
was established by 4 cities and 1 town
that borders Fukui and Ishikawa prefectures (Mid north of Japan)

By disseminating the numerous attractions of Echizen-Kaga
such as religious culture, delicious food, hot springs and natural beauty
and enhancing the inbound welcoming environments
we hope to attract more inbound tourists to our region

We found that we needed to improve
our fundamental environments
for welcoming foreign tourists by providing them
with sufficient information and solving the communication issues
confronting businesses that accommodate them

Kensei Nagasawa,
Manager, JTB Promotion Inc. Hokuriku Office, Sales Team:

Communication is an issue to deal with inbound tourists
so it is inevitable to make full use of ICT

To boost the number of inbound tourists
the Echizen-Kaga Organization for Promoting Inbound Tourism
deployed NEC's Tourism ICT service platform

A multilingual information app of the tourist attractions
and a digital information kiosk that can download the digitalized brochure
to smartphones are some of the services provided for them

As a result they can now easily obtain the information they need

And for facilities such as hotels a check-in app
that supports communications with the foreign tourists
effectively improves services

Eiichi Nakajima:
We thought it was crucial to obtain various detailed data
of the tourists coming to our region
such as their nationalities and ages

Kensei Nagasawa:
By utilizing NEC's ICT tools
the popular spots for inbound tourists
and their activities can be visualized as data

The data collected with the ICT tools will be extremely valuable
as marketing data for examining future promotion plan

Promotion plans which were previously based on experience
and assumption can now be backed with solid data
so we can examine future initiatives based on their activities
which we couldn't foresee until now

Eiichi Nakajima:
From now on, by strengthening data collection
and dissemination of information
we are going to conduct marketing-data driven operation
and attract more inbound tourists

Through optimal ICT utilization
and digital marketing based on nationwide data
we look forward to working further with NEC
for creating more appealing initiatives

Orchestrating a brighter world


Echizen-Kaga Organization for Promoting Inbound Tourism developed a tourism ICT service platform, which supports inbound tourists, with NEC Corporation , NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation and JTB Communication Design, Inc.

The tourists and hosting facilities such as hotel, shopping mall can easily obtain convenience information through smartphones and digital signage.
Because this system collects and integrates the various attribute data (gender, nationality, ages and purpose of travel etc.) of tourists who visit to Echizen-Kaga area in real time.

This marketing activity with based on ICT tools is the innovative case in Japan as of today.

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(May 29, 2018)