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NEC's Activities in Blockchain to create a safer society [2:46]

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Global technology frontrunner NEC leads the way in AI and biometric technologies like fingerprint identification and facial recognition.

Technologies that are being applied right now to every industry in the world.

With one purpose.

To create a safe and constructive society.

Now NEC is leading the way again with Blockchain.

Dr. Jürgen Quittek,
Managing Director, NEC Laboratories Europe:

At our lab here in Germany we can really say that NEC is leading the way with Blockchain

We are conducting research in this area since 2012 which was long before the current boom on blockchain has started.

We develop core technologies in order to provide a solid foundation for NEC's cutting-edge solutions.

And our purpose is to serve society and to orchestrate the complexity of the world we are experiencing today.

Dr. Ghassan Karame,
Manager & Chief Researcher of the Security Group, NEC Laboratories Europe:

Whilst our research is fairly complex, our goal is really simple.

NECs blockchain must be functional and easily integrated in existing everyday use.

Our architecture is comprised of satellite chains that each run a different consensus protocols in parallel, this boosting the scalability of the entire system.

What's very very important to note is that we have also identified the need of having a central authority that regulates the whole system. This basically allows a central regular to govern and overview the entire network and enforce specific policies by means of smart contracts.

So, what does this all mean?

It means that NEC's blockchain will meet industry standards and will serve a lot of really important sectors in the world.

Alessandro Sforzin,
Software Engineer, NEC Laboratories Europe:

Our R&D team is utilising BlockChain for the future.

Our solution addresses four key issues:

Superior security against attacks
High performance for payments
Privacy guarantees for transactions
And an easily integrated technology

Right now, in 2018, NEC blockchain achieves almost 100,000 transactions per second in each satellite chain of 200 nodes.

Dr. Jürgen Quittek:
Human usability is at the core of everything we do at NEC everyone should be able to benefit from our innovations.

That's why we integrated our blockchain with smartphones and iOT devices so that everyone can connect to it and use it.

Dr. Ghassan Karame:
We believe it's our duty to approach blockchain research in an ethical way.
We therefore research based on knowledge and we build based on real human need.

Dr. Jürgen Quittek:
NEC has the world's best core blockchain technologies and we will use it to build solutions that create a brighter world.

Orchestrating a brighter world


With our focus on Solutions for Society, NEC is leading the way with Blockchain to create a brighter world.

We have developed core Blockchain technology enhancing security, efficiency and scalability since 2012, long before the current boom of Blockchain.

This video mainly consists of the interviews in NEC Laboratories Europe, one of our laboratories around the world.

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(July 12, 2018)