3.What If Admin Could Be Done with One Click?

  • Story

    The twins are getting ready for their new school. All the necessary procedures were completed easily online.

    Twins: We can’t wait!

    Mom: Your new school has all your schooling data so you’re going to fit right in!

    Dad: I’ve had all my relevant data transferred to the government here, too, so my work admin was done in no time.

    And so the family begins their new life, supported by innovative digital technologies, every step of the way.

What NEC Brings

As urban populations grow worldwide, there is increasing demand for digitalized government services. However, installation costs can be high, and the excess of IT service options makes user environments highly unfriendly. NEC offers a centralized data platform that reduces costs, and enables the provision of various services in a more personalized and administrator-and-user-friendly way. NEC is thus helping to realize one-stop government services that can be done in one quick and easy step, anywhere, anytime.

Why NEC?

  • 40+

    Experience in 40+ digital government-related fields

  • No. 1

    The No. 1 IT company in Denmark, the world leader in digital government*

    *According to the UN E-Government Survey 2018

  • 95%

    95% customer satisfaction with digital government software*

    *Among KMD Nexus customers in 2015

Case Study