2.What If You Could Use Your Face as a Digital Key?

  • Story

    The family arrives at their new home. Biometric authentication makes life easy here, too.

    Daughter: You unlocked the door with your face! Cool!

    Dad: That’s right! So we’re never losing the keys again!

    Mom: That’s not all. I can pay with face recognition as well – and anywhere in the world, too.

    Dad: No more loose change, credit cards or confusing foreign currencies.

What NEC Brings

NEC is realizing fast, simple and resilient personal authentication, at lower cost, to cope with the growing number of cross-sectoral and cross-border online services. Empowered by NEC’s technologies, people are using their own biometric data to create trusted digital identities that serve as their personal keys for safely accessing digital services. These trusted digital identities also facilitate cross-industry data use and personalized services.

Why NEC?

  • No.1

    World’s best still image face recognition according to NIST testing

  • 6

    6 modes of authentication: face, iris, finger/palm print, finger vein, voice and ear acoustic

  • 1000+

    1000+ systems installed in 70+ countries and regions