1.What If Your Face Could Be Your Passport?

  • Story

    The family is at the airport, ready to start life in a new country.

    They get through check-in and immigration, just with their faces.

    Mom: Immigration’s so much easier now! Just walk through with the kids in tow.

    Dad: No need to fumble for tickets either, so I never had to let go of the twins.

    Mom: Our luggage’s been automatically delivered to the house too. Nothing left to do but relax!

What NEC Brings

In the face of an ever-busier world from the increased movement of people and things, NEC is striving to offer a safer, more convenient and more enjoyable travel experience. NEC’s smart biometrics, including face recognition, makes airport procedures, local transport, hotel check-in, sightseeing and shopping easy and seamless.

Why NEC?

  • No.1

    World's best video face recognition according to NIST* testing

    *The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technolog

  • 30

    30 years of face-recognition-related research

  • 230 billion

    Able to distinguish 230 million people per second

Case Study