NEC's Unique Technologies

This is an overview of NEC’s unique technologies, as well as NEC’s AI and Human Rights Principles. They are essential to our efforts to realize an amazing future.

Bio-IDiom consists of six biometric authentication systems including face recognition, iris recognition, fingerprint and palmprint recognition, finger vein authentication, voice recognition, and ear acoustic authentication. Combining a variety of biometric authentication systems into one allows for advanced authentication that acts as a gateway to the internet, contributing to realizing a safe and secure world with digital technologies.

Biometric authentication based on 6 sources, backed by 50+ years of R&D

World's best face recognition, iris recognition and fingerprint recognition technologies*1

1000+ systems installed in 70+ countries and regions

*1 According to tests performed by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology

Case Study

Our cutting-edge AI-technology cluster “NEC the WISE” consists of multiple technologies. By combining various AI technologies that are either one-of-a-kind or the best in the world, we are able to swiftly and flexibly resolve problems in a wide range of scenarios, and thereby create value.

Largest share of the Japanese image recognition market*2

500 AI researchers and 1400 data scientists

Top 5 in the world for cumulative number of AI-related patent applications*3

*2 NEC (and its RAPID machine learning technology) ranked 1st by total revenue by vendor (FY2017), according to ITR Market View: AI Market 2018
*3 WIPO / WIPO Technology Trends 2019 -Artificial Intelligence

Case Study

AI-Driven Drug Development

Developing individualized immunotherapies as NEC’s new endeavor

In 2019, NEC announced that it will expand the application of its cutting-edge AI technologies, "NEC the WISE," to advanced cancer immunotherapy, thereby enhancing its healthcare business. NEC initiated clinical trials for individualized neoantigen vaccines with French biotechnology company Transgene SA, to become the first Japanese company to start such trials.Central to this endeavor is NEC's neoantigen prediction system, which utilizes its proprietary AI such as graph-based relational learning.

Additionally, NEC acquired OncoImmunity AS, a Norway-based bioinformatics company, which further strengthened its ability to develop its own individualized immunotherapy pipelines.

NEC's AI Drug Development Business

AI and Human Rights Principles

NEC has announced the “NEC Group AI and Human Rights Principles” that will guide employees of the NEC Group to respect human rights as the highest priority in every stage of our business operations in relation to the social implementation of AI and utilization of biometrics and other data (hereinafter referred to as “AI utilization”) and enable them to take action accordingly.

The NEC Group will not ignore new social issues generated by future AI utilization, but rather face them head on by leveraging our technologies to realize advanced societies worldwide toward deepened mutual understanding and the fulfillment of human potential.