Trial to achieve advanced security services leveraging 5G

NEC, NTT DOCOMO, and ALSOK are conducting a trial*1 to provide advanced security services leveraging 5G.

In recent years, requirements for detection systems to identify crimes or offer crime prevention measures are growing. In addition, there are needs to cope with the incidents for the prevention of damage escalation in facilities and other spaces, such as large-scale event venues and commercial office buildings where crowds gather.

In order to solve these problems, through this trial, the three companies will examine the efficiency and improvement in the quality of security services by leveraging 5G technology.

This trial will verify the implementation of security services preventing crimes and accidents in combination with ALSOK Zone Security Management?, featuring image analysis and AI-based security, as well as the advantage of 5G, including ultra-high-speed, high-capacity, low-latency communications. The information from high-definition cameras is transmitted by 5G for the AI to detect suspicious behavior at an event venue and the information is shared with the security guards. In addition, by installing high-definition cameras at higher elevations, the entire urban area can be monitored.

NEC will continue to develop and provide innovative 5G solutions, work to provide advanced communications, and focus on the development of services that provide new value and the achievement for the safety, security of society.

*1 This 5G trial is being conducted for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications


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