Lisbon City, Portugal

To build a smart city infrastructure that centrally manages urban functions across Lisbon City.

NEC Portugal, a group company of NEC, has been awarded a contract with Lisbon City in Portugal for the a Smart City Infrastructure Development Project to be launched in February 2018. The goal of the project is to improve the quality of life (QOL) of the citizens and enhance urban security.

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and has about 550,000 people. Popular as a tourist destination, the city considers integrating city environment data collected through IoT devices and data collected from industries external entities and several departments of the city in a cross-sectional manner by implementing Digital Transformation across the city in order to improve urban safety and the QOL.

In this project NEC will integrate 10 systems implemented in Lisbon and 30 systems by external partners (airport, railway, transport bureau, environment related and energy entities, and the police) using NEC’s Cloud City Operation Center*1 and then establish the Municipal Government Services Integrated Operation Center, which will provide an overview of the whole city. NEC would like to provide efficient municipal government services by using NEC’ s AI/ IoT technologies to detect illegal parking and suspicious objects and by collecting and analyzing real-time data within the city (including weather, geographic, air pollution, and traffic congestion information).

NEC will support the process of the Digital Transformation of the government and businesses, provide solutions using the latest ICT technologies of AI and IoT, and contribute to the development of safety and the achievement of a smart city.

*1 A common platform system developed by NEC to visualize the status of the network environment and provide data analysis and simulation for industry-based smart services. The platform software was developed and implemented in Europe and features openness using FIWARE, which has been used in systems in many cities and businesses in Europe and other countries to achieve smart city status.