Building Book Center Co., Ltd.

NEC’s high-speed, high-precision image recognition technology helps streamline and speed up shipment inspection operations.

Building Book Center Co.,Ltd., (BBC) specializes in physical distribution services and handles publications for the KADOKAWA CORPORATION Group. BBC’s Niiza Center receives orders, manages inventory, and ships orders from several websites offering publications, as well as the online shop,, which sells anime and popular idol merchandise. This center handles nearly 15,000 items and ships 300 to 400 orders every day. On the other hand, although the distribution industry has been faced with the challenge of securing human resources, quality assurance requires more manpower. One of the management challenges was to ship orders promptly while raising the precision of product inspections without the need for barcodes.

To overcome this challenge, BBC introduced the NEC Warehouse Product Inspection System. The Warehouse Product Inspection System allows users to verify preregistered product information with the images captured by the camera set up on the inspection line along with weight information about products to enable automatic inspection of multiple products at the same time.

Two units of the Warehouse Product Inspection System have been in operation at the BBC’s inspection lines since October 2016. While the inspection operations previously required a team of two, this automatic inspeciton system allowed smooth operation by one person. This enables users to save manpower and improve operational efficiency. NEC is committed to providing IoT solutions to support next-generation logistics. Our goal is to improve the process in the logistics service and bring solutions to the challenges faced by corporations to help increase competitiveness and create new value for consumers.

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