Tigre, Argentina

Images from cameras installed around the city are analyzed in real time and advanced image analysis technology is used to quickly detect hidden dangers in the city.

Aiming to create a city that is safe and secure for both citizens and tourists, the city of Tigre, Argentina, has built an "urban surveillance system" to improve public safety by using NEC's advanced video monitoring solution. NEC provides world class image analysis technologies, such as its highly accurate face recognition technology to identify criminals, behavior detection to spot dangerous drivers and suspicious vehicles, and license plate recognition to quickly identify stolen cars. This advanced system uses a network of cameras to watch over the entire city, which contributes greatly to preventing accidents and incidents.

Improving safety and security was a huge problem because of the many people coming to the city from other areas of the country and abroad.

The city is located about 32 kilometers from Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. Many people visit Tigre from both inside and outside the country, and on weekends the population of the city almost triples compared with weekdays. Because of this, improving the fundamental infrastructure of the city to solve problems related to the high volume of traffic and the high crime rate was an issue that needed to be addressed urgently so that both citizens and tourists could feel safe and secure. It was also vital to construct a management system that would allow the efficient integration of information to reduce incidents and accidents and improve public order, and also allow quick coordination between public organizations, including the police.

Dangers around the city are detected through real-time analysis of images captured by 1000 cameras.

In order to construct its urban surveillance system, Tigre installed about 1000 cameras in major locations such as railroad terminal stations and harbor facilities. The enormous amount of image data recorded by these cameras is processed in real time by using the image analysis technology that NEC developed to detect any hidden dangers in the city. NEC's face recognition technology, which is the most accurate in the world*1, is used to identify criminals and missing persons in real time by cross-referencing captured images against a massive database of enrolled photographs. NEC has also developed and provided unique technologies such as detection of double riding on a motorcycle, a common method of purse-snatching, detection of riders without a helmet for safety purposes, behavior detection for spotting suspicious behavior (including vehicles), and license plate recognition to identify suspicious or stolen vehicles. NEC has also delivered advanced solutions such as the crime area mapping, to plot the locations of past crimes on a map for better visualization.

  • *1
    Ranked 1st in United States' NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) testing.

Realizing integrated management of information and quick coordination between public organizations

All the information from the urban surveillance system is collected and integrated at a dedicated operations and crisis control center constructed in Tigre. This allows prosecutors, judicial institutions, and other public organizations to be quickly notified of events, enabling them to quickly coordinate a response. One of the system's many benefits is that it allows for future expansion. It is also possible to flexibly add new functions and technologies as necessary. With advanced features such as the utilization of IoT, the system has already produced major results, such as reducing the stolen vehicle rate in Tigre by about 80 percent. NEC has installed over 1000 safety and security related systems in over 70 countries and regions around the world, and will continue contributing to Tigre's efforts to improve the safety and security of its citizens and visitors.